Maynooth Visit, March 2015

63_albumFor a few days in March, the College was host to a group of 10 seminarians and one staff member from St Patrick’s College, Maynooth in Ireland. Part of a short trip to Spain, they spent a coule of days exploring Salamanca and its sites, two even venturing as far as Ávila for an afternoon. As their stay included the feast of St Patrick, we celebrated Mass together and then headed out to have dinner at the “Colegio del Arzobispo Fonseca”, a university residence with a restaurant open to the public, which, until 1936, had been the home of the Irish College in Salamanca. For at least one night, the sound of Irish seminarians resounded in its walls once again.  Today’s young men wondered how things might have been, had history been written differently, and reclaimed the Fonseca for Ireland for a few hours anyway, after an 80 year absence!  The ancient sign outside proudly reminds passers-by that the “Colegio del Arzobispo” is “Today that of the Noble Irish”! Definitely worth a photo with some of today’s Noble Irish….

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