Suggested offerings from visitors to the college are as follows:

Single Room B&B and Meal (Half-board) – €48

Twin/Double Room B&B and Meal (Half-board) – €38 per person

Extra Meals (Lunch or Supper) – €8 each.

Reduced rates are available, particularly for family or school groups – please enquire when booking.

In addition, where helpful, offerings can be made in pounds sterling (see above: £42, £33 and £6 respectively).

[Please note: As the “Brexit” situation unfolds, the sterling-euro exchange rate has been quite volatile.  It is not yet clear whether some increase in prices may be required for 2020.  These will be made available but may vary depending on the circumstances of the exchange rate.  That given above represents the prices for 2018-2019, but serves merely as a guide.]