Daily Programme (Visitors)

st-andrewWhile here, visitors are invited to join in the daily spiritual programme of the college, which includes daily Eucharist, Morning/Evening prayer of the Church, and at times other liturgical and devotional services.

Groups will be free to arrange their own prayer times or other liturgies.  In addition, variations in the programme are possible to allow for excursions (e.g. a slightly earlier breakfast).

The College chapel is always open for private and public prayer.

We encourage visitors to pray for vocations and for those in ministry while staying in the College.

Following a long-standing practice of the College, our Sunday Mass is celebrated (in English) in the nearby chapel of the convent of “Las Oblatas de Cristo Sacerdote” (the Oblates of Christ the High Priest).  A number of local people and other visitors normally join us for this Mass.

Breakfast 9.00 am
Morning Prayer 10.00 am
Mass (Las Oblatas) 11.30 am
Lunch 2.00 pm**
Evening Prayer/Benediction On request
Monday to Friday
Morning Prayer 8.00 am or 8.45 am
Mass 8.30 am *
Breakfast 9.00 am
Lunch 2.00 pm**
Evening Prayer 8.15 pm
Supper 8.30 pm
Morning Prayer 8.45 am
Breakfast 9.00 am
(Lunch 2.00pm)
 Supper  8.30pm
* Mass may be celebrated later in the day, so the time of Morning Prayer may change.

** Individual visitors will normally have the same main meal as groups (lunch or supper) and on a half-board basis.